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4 Fabulous brands that are not your usual drugstore finds - PLUS - Fashion Trends for Spring

Beauty has become one of the biggest industries in the world and Lapalme Magazine is constantly reporting on what the hottest and most effective brands that are entering the market.

Derek Warburton, Co-owner, Creative Director of Lapalme Magazine, shows us 4 fabulous brands that are not your usual drugstore finds... along with some fashion trends for spring!

1) ... the colors are rich but it is known as performance makeup.. there formulation really makes it last all day!

2) ... a skin care brand like no other. It’s made from the Pili tree in the Philippines. No other brand has used the tree like this and it has become a huge success overseas for its collagen rebuilding and hydration

3) is made using hemp and ancient Korean herbs. There body oil is known for curing many skin ailments and is sold all over the US.

4) ... their sea berry collection is known as superfood for your hair and scalp and was used as a healer in Ancient Greece and Tibet

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