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Firefighter Tim's "Ab-so-booty" good workout

It's an“Ab-so-Booty” good workout! What does that mean? Well, Firefighter Tim says it's focusing on, of course, your core and butt!

Just because spring break is over shouldn't mean you stop all your New Year's resolutions till next year. So here’s a quick workout that can give you a serious burn in less than ten minutes - that’s right - your core (Abs) and posterior strength (booty). In just 10 minutes or less, you can really get a great burn.    

All these exercises are performed using a stability ball for a max of 30 seconds down to 10 seconds depending on your fitness level. After you finish the routine, you can repeat if you are able to for extra burn. 

1: Ab crunch and pike 

2: V-pass through 

3: Leg lift 

4: Hamstring press 

5: Hamstring curl 

6: Glute Bridge 

7: Hamstring curl

8: Butt kicks/ right and left leg 

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