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How to decorate a child's room that they won't outgrow

You want to create an awesome space for your child, but you ask, "Where do I begin?" This space could be their own personal bedroom or nursery, it might be a place to learn and create, or an area to engage in play. No matter which is your case, Danielle Myers, ASID, RID, Proprietor, Elle Designs, shares some simple tips to keep in mind when creating your space.

{Be Practical}

When purchasing items for your room visit retailers that offer great products, at reasonable costs. You know these purchases have the potential of getting gently worn-in bye your kiddos. Paint spills, scissors cut, and markers end up off the paper onto your work surfaces. You want to select and purchase items that are going to be good quality, and last for some time, but not break the bank.

{Think Long Term}

Your child will not stay little forever, creating a space for their growth in mind is optimum. For example, purchasing a convertible crib for a nursery that can grow with your child from baby, to toddler, to child and beyond is much more reasonable then purchasing a crib style that does not offer this conversion. Selecting a color palette that is transferable to multiple age ranges such as: Black, White, and "Pop" color will have a longer life span then your typical Baby Blue.

{Include Personal Details}

A space is given it's character with the personal touches that are infused into it. This gives it uniqueness that cannot be bought, and makes the space truly one of a kind. Some personalized details could be a large photo decal, a nickname, or simply a color selection. When a child feels like they have their own space it fosters a sense of independence and helps them to develop their own style.

Children's Spaces should be engaging and inspiring allowing them to create and explore. Getting your child involved in the design of their space is quite exciting for them.

If they feel a part of the process, they will take pride in using the space they helped create. Their spaces also offer a design opportunity to think outside the box, and really push the boundaries with colorful graphics, bold patterns, and loud colors. We love to take advantage of these opportunities since you cannot use the same approach for a Formal Dining Room design.

Finally, have F-U-N with your child's design. After all, they grow up in the blink of an eye!

Every project has a story, what will yours tell? Let us help you write it!

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