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Local artists reimagine famous movie pictures

Original work from 95 local designers. A brand new venue. A one-of-a-kind evening.

What are we talking about? The Indy Film Fest and BIGGER PICTURE SHOW: THE '90S!

Indy Film Fest brings Hoosiers together year-round to enjoy a shared experience around film.

Proceeds from this event benefit Indy Film Fest and its mission to create a shared experience around film through all-ages, year-round events.

Admission is free, so stop by and enjoy some local artwork!

Jason Roemer, Board Vice President, Indy Film Fest, and Artist Aaron Scamihorn, tell us more:

What is the Indy Film Fest?

The Indy Film Fest is a nonprofit, volunteer-based organization that puts on a 10-day film festival. This year, the Fest has moved from July to the last week of April.

In its 15th year, the Fest seeks to champion movies that entertain, challenge and expand perspectives in Indianapolis and beyond all year long.

What is the Bigger Picture Show?

The Bigger Picture Show is a partnership with Lodge Design that brings together more than 90 local designers to reimagine their favorite movie posters. This year, since it’s the 9th year for the Bigger Picture Show, the theme is the ‘90s. All of the artwork will be for movies that were made in the ‘90s.

Event attendees cast bids for the artwork through a silent auction process. The person who makes the highest bid by the end of the event takes the framed artwork home.

Event impact on the Indianapolis community:

Indianapolis is becoming the go-to destination in the Midwest for film. This event celebrates that and puts Indianapolis and the Indy Film Fest on the map. Film critics, film lovers, designers and filmmakers will flock to the Bigger Picture Show to see more than 90 redesigned movie posters that represent the best in musical films.

What can attendees expect?

The Bigger Picture Show is about much more than simply raising money for a great cause. There will also be beer and wine for sale, food trucks, music and comradery! 

What’s the cost to attend?

There is no admission fee! Come on out and rock with us!

Some posters that you’ll see at the Bigger Picture Show:

Being John Malkovich

My Girl


The Truman Show

Legends of the Fall

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

Super Mario Bros

The Blair Witch Project

And More!

When is the Bigger Picture Show?

Friday, April 13 from 6:30 to 10 pm at the Circle City Industrial Complex.

When is the Fest?

This event marks the ramp up to the 2018 Fest. Of the changes and celebrations for the 15th year, the most notable will be that the Fest will take place, not in July as in recent years, but from April 26 to May 6. The date change comes as a result of the Fest’s growth and prominence in the film community and is an effort to include more films and filmmakers in the Indianapolis event.

Anything else?

More information is available on our Facebook page and Indy Film Fest website: and come out to see us this weekend at the Bigger Picture Show!

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