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Recipes to trick your kids into eating more produce

Have a hard time getting the kids to eat their veggies? It can be a tricky effort, that's for sure!

So in our kitchen today, Candace Boyd, An Ambassador with The Produce Moms, shares a few "sneaky" recipes in which she says, "The kids won't suspect a thing!"

Here they are:

Housemade Ranch Dip:


Segment 1: Bright and Springy

Roasted Asparagus with Lemon and Parmesan

Recipe: Adapted from


Lemon Lavendar Thyme Infused Water

Recipe: Adapted from 


Segment 2: Tricks to get Kiddos eating more produce

Recipe: Chunky Marinara

Adapting from: 

Hiding carrots in the marinara

Chocolate "Pudding"


Using avocado as a base

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