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The Film Yap reviews "Pacific Rim: Uprising," "Isle of Dogs," and more

Lots of choices in the movie world this weekend! The Film Yap's Christopher Lloyd runs down the list:

Pacific Rim: Uprising
The fabulous monsters-vs.-robots film gets a sequel with an all-new creative team and most of the cast. Still fun, but closer to "Transformers" than the original."
 Isle of Dogs
Hipster cinema king Wes Anderson returns with another stop-motion animation film, in this daffy and often wonderful Japanese story that kicks all of its pooches to a distant island. Maximum twee levels."
Zoey Duetch stars as a 17-year-old manipulative sexpot who tries to work her wiles on her damaged future stepbrother, and instead finds herself making her first real connection."
 The Death of Stalin
The infamous Soviet dictator's death gets played for laughs in this unlikely historical comedy starring Steve Buscemi and Jeffrey Tambor."
Director Steven Soderbergh, who retired and then unretired from filmmaking, is back with this cinema verite-style drama about a woman committed to a mental institution who think she's being stalked."
 Midnight Sun
A teen girl has a rare condition that prevents her from being exposed to sunlight, so she falls in love with Arnold Schwarzenegger's kid."
 Sherlock Gnomes
"Gnomeo & Juliet" gets a sequel in this animated tale in which a renowned detective sleuths up a storm looking for missing garden ornaments."
 Paul, Apostle of Christ
James Faulkner and Jim Caviezel play Paul and Luke in a Biblical adaptation of the story of a Christian persecutor who became the most devoted Apostle."
Matt Damon volunteers to get shrunk down to save the environment and become rich, but things don't go his way in this disappointing satire. Skip It."

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