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Indiana commission bans drones from state parks

Nick Natario - INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) -- Drone users looking to capture unique views of Indiana's state parks are out of the luck.

After banning drones from Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) properties, a state board Tuesday also put tighter restrictions on people looking to fly around the ban. A rule one park-goer, Sharon Beatson, is thrilled with.

"[Drones] don't need to be out here in the park, at all," Beatson said.

The DNR commission agrees.

At its meeting from Fort Harrison State Park, the group unanimously adopted a policy to block people from taking off from adjacent properties and flying over DNR properties.

"Personally, I don't think they've ever, they've never affected me while I've been here," park-goer Madison Kupiainen said. "I come here and run and hike, have picnics and stuff, and it's never been a problem for me."

Phil Bloom, DNR's communications director, said, "This is, much as anything, is to address concerns before they get out of hand. Drones are becoming immensely popular."

"Anywhere and everywhere," Bloom said.

A measure Beatson said gives her peace of mind.

"They're kind of loud, and I think that's a little invasive to people's privacy when they come out here," Beatson said.

Although some would say drones can capture the beauty from above.

"I don't think it matters,"  Kupiainen said. "I think a drone flying around isn't going to make that big of a difference. You hear lots of other things out there."

We asked what penalty you could face for breaking this new rule. That's something DNR is still trying to figure out.

You also could still see drones on the grounds in the future. DNR is working on a license that users could apply for.

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