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Authorities say Avon woman shot multiple times will not survive injuries

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - The Avon woman, who was allegedly shot multiple times by her boyfriend, is brain dead according to the Marion County coroner. 32-year-old Andrea Soberalski is an organ donor and is currently being kept on a ventilator to preserve her organs.

Soberalski's loved ones say medical experts are testing her organs to make sure they are strong and healthy enough to donate. The act of giving is symbolic of how Soberalski lived her life and it's how those how knew her want her to be remembered.

"I was talking to her. When I was there and holding her hand before they turned off the machine, I just said, 'Andrea, I'll watch over your babies. I've got it. I can help you. Whatever you need,'" cried Kim Myers.

In a hospital room at Eskenazi with machines keeping her alive is how Myers said goodbye to her dear friend. But, it's not how Myers will remember her.

"She just had a heart of gold. She really did. She was such a warm hearted person," said Myers.

The two met about four years ago. They bonded on faith and their children. Their teen daughters are best friends. Soberalski also had a five-year-old son, Myers said.

"My heart is crushed for those kids, more than anything," she cried.

Just weeks ago, Myers said her daughter spent the night with the Soberalskis. Andrea's boyfriend, William Schooley, the man police believe shot her in a fit of rage, was also there.

"My daughter met him when she stayed all night a few weeks ago. She said that he was a sweet guy. Hailey said he loved her to death and treated her well. I don't know what could've possibly been so bad that you would do something like that," said Myers.

Police are still trying to figure out exactly what the motive was. After allegedly shooting Soberalski multiple times, police say Schooley then turned the gun on himself right outside their Avon home. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

"I believe she is with God almighty. There's a reason for everything. We never know what it is," said Myers.

One thing Myers does know: her dear friend's legacy will live on in more ways than one.

"All of these body parts are getting used. It's going to be amazing. She's saving lives," said Myers.

Funeral arrangements have not been finalized.

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