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Health officials find 'significant amount' of mouse droppings at Little Caesars

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) -- Mice feces, that's a pizza topping that nobody wants.

But, it's unfortunately what a customer alleges he got at the 22nd and Meridian streets location north of downtown.

A customer called police after he said he found mouse feces baked into the crust of his pizza. Police contacted the Marion County Health Department. After looking at the pizza, health department officials found the man's complaint to be justified and customers found it to be repulsive.

There's nothing like that first slice of pizza, "It's a long work day. I get hungry. So, I was going to eat a pizza for lunch," said one man who only identified himself as "Bobby."

But, when you're getting mouse droppings in addition to pepperoni, well, that kind of curbs the appetite.

Bobby learned of the allegations, after buying his pizza, "I guess I'm going to toss this out in the trash and grab something else to eat today."

Other customers fully inspected their pies, making sure to check the crust thoroughly.

"I'm never ever looked at the bottom of my pizza. It's not a habit that I ever had," said Eddie Vross.

Vross' pizza appeared to be feces-free. That could be because the Marion County Health Department paid Little Caesars a visit just hours after learning of the allegations on Tuesday.

The ordeal started after a man said his pizza had mice droppings on the bottom of the pizza. His complaint was detailed in a widely-seen Facebook post.

"Our inspector went there. They checked to see if there's any chance that the object got into the pizza. They did find a large amount of rodent droppings in the facility," said Marion County Health Department Administrator of Food and Consumer Safety's Janelle Kaufman.

The health department closed the store Tuesday evening until it could be cleaned, sanitized and pest control could come out. The restaurant reopened on  Wednesday morning. Workers prepared food and served customers, but it wasn't business as usual if you ask the customers.

"That's sickening. If I ever found...I would never eat another Little Caesars pizza anywhere," said Vross.

Bobby added, "I want my $5 back!"

It's unknown how many pizzas were contaminated. But the health department urged customers to contact them, if they believe they were affected.

Jill Proctor, corporate communications manager of Little Caesars, issued this statement:
"Little Caesars takes great measures to ensure its products are high quality. We were notified of the situation at one of our independently owned and operated franchise locations. The store was immediately closed, thoroughly cleaned and the franchisee requested a health department reinspection. The store has reopened with approval from the health department."
Here is the report on the inspection by the Marion County Public Health Department:

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