All Indiana Bets

All Indiana Bets: Oct. 17, 2021

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — All Indiana Bets has tips to help you make better betting choices for Week 6 of the NFL Football. 

Hosts McKinzie Roth, Jason Hammer and Scott Long bring insider information, break down the odds and give their picks for games. The guys winning streak continues and they are neck and neck in wins. Hammer is 15-8 overall for the show while Scott Long continues to impress with his 15-9. 

Plus we got updated pregame reports on the Colts from Charlie Clifford and Olivia Ray from Lucas Oil Stadium. 

This week, Jordan Ward from Prime 47 was in our studio for a live On the Rocks segment in celebration of the Elijah Craig Old Fashioned Week, Oct. 15 through Oct. 24. You can join in the celebration and help support our local bar and restaurant workers. To find a participating bar or restaurant in your area, visit their website,