Teresa Reynolds Group: Survivin’ and thrivin’

Enjoy jazz and soul from the vocalist who sang backup for Gloria Gaynor of “I Will Survive” fame. Reynolds, an Indianapolis native, lived in NYC for 14 years, where she sang on “the hill” with “That Guitar Man from Central Park” David Ippolito, and performed off-Broadway. She also connects with what she calls “the beautiful, sometimes desperate, and always vulnerable quality” of the music of Indiana native Cole Porter.

“In my singing career, I’ve realized that the most important thing to discover is the truth within a song. When a singer connects to a song and feels compelled to tell the story behind it, more so than making it sound pretty or impress with the riffs, it’s a real chance for the music to transcend the moment,” Reynolds has said.

Reynolds performs with Mina Keohane (keyboard); Poncho Hendrick (bass); Matthew Dupree (drums); and Rob Dixon (saxophone).