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In June, we celebrate National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month!

To honor this month of observance, co-founder of Market Wagon and owner of Mud Creek Farm Nick Carter joins Alexis and Cody to talk all things fresh food!

Nick Carter grew up in rural Indiana, so he always had a love for farming. After marrying his wife Kendra and having three children, Nick was ready to start his own family farm. They moved to their current homestead in 2018, and have since converted the empty plot into a productive farm!

Market Wagon is an online farmer’s market that is making grocery shopping more innovative. Starting in Indianapolis back in 2016, the service now operates local food delivery hubs across the Midwest. They’re committed to allowing food producers to thrive in their local markets through consumer-friendly shopping and delivery services. The online market features fresh fruits, veggies, herbs, desserts, and more that come from local vendors across central Indiana!

With weekly deliveries every Thursday, Market Wagon is committed to keeping pantries fresh and stocked for Hoosiers! If you’re interested in shopping from Nick and his family’s farm, Mud Creek Farm appears on the site!

When it comes to your child, every new skill and achievement is a milestone. Milestones mean our kids are growing up, but sometimes they come without warning and leave parents a tad breathless.

Today on Kid-ing with Kayla, Kayla shares her son’s newest achievement. He can swing all by himself! Though she wants to celebrate and be proud of her boy, Kayla feels that he’s growing up too fast! What’s next… MARRIAGE?!

Join Kayla as she tries to decide whether or not she is grateful that she doesn’t have to push the swing anymore!

Ah, the mood SWINGS of parenting.

Two highly anticipated movies that are ‘hot’ right now open in theaters today! How does Patty feel about ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’ and ‘Boogeyman’? Read to find out!

In ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse’, animated superhero Miles Morales, aka Spider-Man, goes on a multiversal adventure with Spider-Woman. While exploring the multiverse, the pair meet a new team of Spider-People, known as the Spider-Society. However, they encounter conflict when handling a new threat.

Patty praises the animation and visuals. According to Patty, fans are already raving about it in advance of screenings. Rated PG, the movie runs about an hour and 57 minutes.

Next, a film based on a Stephen King short story that was originally supposed to go to HULU, but test audiences liked it so much, it will open exclusively in theaters. 

‘Boogeyman‘ follows two young girls, a teenager and her little sis, who are in despair over the death of their mother. Their father doesn’t seem to know how to give them the attention or comfort they need despite being a therapist. However, one of his clients shows up at the family’s home unexpectedly, bringing with him a nasty entity… a ‘Boogeyman’!! 

Patty gave it 4 out of 5 stars for achieving what Steven King envisioned while providing a good scare. The film’s director, Rob Savage, did a lot with a little, and Patty praises the eerieness of the film being shot entirely in the dark. Everything’s scarier in the dark! Booo! 

Rated PG-13, ‘Boogeyman’ runs for an hour and 38 minutes. This is some scary stuff.

Another “Friends of Fred” food truck rolled into our lot this morning, bringing tasty Mexican dishes to Life.Style.Live!

Samano’s Mexican Food strives to be more than just another place to get Mexican food. Owner Adrian Samano wants his customers to feel like they are eating at a Taqueria in the streets of Mexico City!

The truck’s menu boasts several different dishes, most notably, a variety of street tacos, elite (Mexican street corn), and their bacon-wrapped burrito! Their salsas, queso, Pico de Gallo, and guacamole are all made from scratch to order!

With a brick-and-mortar restaurant, and another on wheels, Samano’s is ready to serve customers however they want to enjoy! Their two physical locations are in Fishers, at 8594 E118th St., and in Noblesville, at 14126 Berger Blvd. They’ll also be at the Harley Davidson in Kokomo tomorrow afternoon if you’re ready for a food truck fiesta!

Successful women are Indy bound for the fourth-annual Boss Babe Brunch!

Founded by Indianapolis native Mariah Oliver, the Boss Babe Network (BBN) keeps the busy workwoman in mind. While finishing her master’s degree at IUPUI, Oliver wanted to get more involved in her community. However, she felt that didn’t belong in the rooms she found herself in.

After realizing that other women have trouble connecting, Mariah created the BBN in November of 2020.

She founded the BBN on three pillars: Shopping, learning, and connecting. The shopping pillar consists of highlighting local and woman-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. Oliver incorporates the learning pillar by contracting women to lead professional development workshops, write blog contributions, and provide other skill-building resources.

The BBN operates on its connecting pillar by hosting networking events year-round, allowing women to build relationships in an atmosphere where they belong.

The largest event for the BBN is the Boss Babe Brunch here in Indianapolis! On June 4th, over 275+ women will convene at the Vision Loft Stutz for a day of networking and women empowerment! Influential women from around the city, including Senator Andrea Hunley, will speak at the event. The event includes career-building conversations, business promotion, and good food!

Also, the brunch will feature bottomless mimosas, a catered brunch, and “Very Boss” gift bags!

If you’re interested in attending, tickets are available here! However, you better act fast, the event is nearly sold-out!

There’s a new way to enjoy the natural beauty of Indianapolis this summer… Paddlesports!

The Parks Alliance of Indianapolis is partnering with Frank’s Paddlesports Livery to bring water adventures to Indy’s parks! Adventure seekers in Central Indiana will be able to rent kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards to experience Indy’s parks in a new light.

Frank’s Paddlesport Livery offers boat rentals, as well as guided adventures along the White River. With four different water vessels to choose from, the whole family can find a way to get involved with Paddlesports this summer. Whether it’s kayaking, canoeing, or paddleboarding, Frank’s has you covered!

Frank’s also offers two “trips” for patrons to take through Indy’s waterways. For novices, the Where Nature Meets the City, a 4-mile trip from Rocky Ripple to Riverside, would be the perfect excursion.

For more experienced river-goers, The White River Playground, a 7-mile trip from Broad Ripple to Riverside, may provide enough thrill to satisfy that craving for exploration.

Through partnering with The Parks Alliance of Indianapolis and other nature-oriented groups in central Indiana, Frank’s has been able to provide outdoor experiences while promoting conservation and environmental sustainability efforts.

Guests David O’Rourke from The Parks Alliance and Peter Bloomquist with Frank’s put on an energetic display for us outside/in the back lot of WISH-TV studios.

With warmer weather on the rise, there’s no better time of year to adopt a healthy lifestyle! Today’s Tasty Takeout aims to do just that, by serving a perfect blend of all-natural fruits and veggies to customers.

Located in Fishers, Rush Bowls looks to fill the lives of Hoosiers with honest ingredients and delicious recipes. However, the roots of the restaurant chain are in Boulder, Colorado. Founded by Andrew Pudalov in 2004, Rush Bowls has expanded to 46 nationwide locations with 16 more on the way!

With a menu full of vibrant blended smoothie bowls, smoothies, and bites, it’s no wonder this little slice of paradise has been a hit since its opening in mid-May! Franchise owners James and Melissa Cunningham were thrilled to join Fishers’ eclectic taste profile. We were even more excited to taste the freshness that the stores’ signature items have to offer.

Rush Bowls’ commitment to health goes beyond in-store customers. The chain has partnered with There with Care, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and Water for People to show the philanthropic arm of Pudalov’s mission. As the brand continues to grow, the Rush Bowls’ website allows customers to promote other charities that they feel make an impact on the community.

Rush Bowls Fishers is open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. They also offer pick-up, catering, delivery options, and a Rush Bowls mobile app for online ordering.

Is This Anything? Hammer and Nigel talk about Tina Turner and nine-year-old entrepreneurs.

The “Queen of Rock and Roll,” Tina Turner has passed away at 83.

The legend rose to stardom following humble beginnings in Tennessee. By the late ’60s and early ’70s, Turner had already produced a string of hits. In 1984, she went multi-platinum following the release of “Private Dancer,” the album that solidified herself into rock and roll history.

Turner was the definition of determination. Not only was she a trailblazer for women in rock and roll, but she never let anything slow her down. She thrived in the music industry across five decades, and many cite her love for her craft as the reason why.

Her cause of death is still unknown, but her inspiration and influence will undoubtably outlive her.

If your dog is poopin’, Brayden is scoopin’.

In Lansing, Michigan, nine-year-old Brayden Jorae is already an entrepreneur!

Looking for a way to earn some money, Brayden noticed that the older members of his community needed assistance with pet care. So, Brayden and his mother, Laura, started Scoop-A-Poo; a dog waste management service. With his mom as his marketing manager, the mother/son duo run a Facebook page. The page’s description? It reads, “I love helping people. I’ll scoop the poo before you say ew! Thank you for supporting me.” 

After prospective clients book an appointment through Facebook, Laura, and Brayden hop in the car. Then, equipped with gloves, a bag-lined bucket, and his scooper, Brayden gets to work!

With a strong work ethic and a motto sure to turn heads, Laura is proud of her son’s kind heart. She also added that Scoop-A-Poo is a great way to teach young Brayden about money management.

“No poops too big, no poops too small — I’m Brayden Jorae and I’ll scoop them all,” Brayden says.

Today’s ReelTok with Kayla has a bonus contributor…

Baseball Dad Mark Paul, @mpthreebaseball, found his footing on social media by posting relatable parenting content. Instead of covering the plights of day-to-day parenting, Mark gives us an insight into sports parenting. Specifically, the on-the-go lifestyle of a travel ball family.

From Mount Washington, Kentucky, Mark provides a look into travel baseball dad life. Classic parodies of obnoxious parents and hilarious coverage of on-field shenanigans are Mark’s specialty. Every video is a comedic home run! With over 350k followers across Instagram and TikTok, Mark hardly misses when he swings.

Mark has expanded his baseball humor into a retail space. With tees reading “It’s the bat’s fault” and his own MPThree Shades, this baseball dad is making the most of his time at bat.

With his charm and relatability, we don’t see Mark Paul striking out any time soon!

Buckle up, because Patty has strong opinions on the tenth installment in the “Fast and Furious” franchise.

“Fast X” follows Vin Diesel’s street racer Dom and crew as they confront the most lethal opponent they’ve ever faced. Jason Momoa plays the film’s antagonist Dante. He’s the son of a deceased drug lord who is seeking revenge. The movie is packed full of action and laughs but has been met with mixed reviews from audiences and critics.

Running for a total of 2 hours and 21 minutes, “Fast X” isn’t earning a perfect score from Patty. There was a lot of buzz surrounding the film and the feud that occurred between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and the franchise’s Vin Diesel. Since the movie’s announcement, many fans have been waiting for the Rock’s appearance in the franchise. Patty revealed that his cameo is only in an end credit scene.

Many, Patty included, feel that this film will be a hit with fans of the “Fast and Furious,” but others should probably just sit this one out. However, some fans of the films have already spoken up, stating that “Fast X” is one of the weaker films in the franchise.

Despite mixed reviews, “Fast X” is expected to gross nearly $60 million at the box office this weekend. The franchise as a whole is now worth over $6 billion.

Patty wasn’t a fan, earning the 10th installment a 3/5-star rating. Would Patty encourage you to race to theatres and catch this movie? Probably not.