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Pet Pals TV – May 28, 2022

They really need a job! Find out about Border Collies and their strong herding instincts with photojournalist Barney Wood. Plus, a horse is a horse, of course, of course...and no one knows more about these stately animals than TV personality George Mallet. Plus, Our Kitty Correspondent KJ takes your questions about felines. Do you have enough litter boxes? We'll 'scratch' the surface on some interesting cat questions.

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Great Day TV – May 28, 2022

You're finally taking that trip of a lifetime overseas, but you don't speak the native language! What if you get lost? Our Tech Talk Guru Steve Sweitzer just returned from Switzerland and has some tips involving 'pin'-pointing your desired location on your iPhone. Plus, puppies helping kids recover at Ascension St Vincent in Avon. And our Weekend Gardener Shannon Cagle says with your tree in full foliage, now is the time to trim to help the tree and keep you safe as well.

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