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Elevate Ventures shares insights on Access to Capital at Circle City Classic Business and Entrepreneur Day

Access to Capital

During the Circle City Classic Business and Entrepreneur Day presented by IBE and INNOPOWER, Titi Obasanyo, Entrepreneur in Residence at Elevate Ventures, they passionately delved into the crucial role that events of this nature play in enriching Access to Capital opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Her discussion shed light on the significance of such gatherings as catalysts for financial empowerment in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

As we approach this week’s events, our anticipation builds to hear Titi Obasanyo’s invaluable insights and actionable recommendations.

Her expertise offers a roadmap for aspiring entrepreneurs, demonstrating how these events can serve as transformative platforms in their journey toward success within the fiercely competitive business landscape.

Stay tuned for her profound perspective, set to inspire and inform entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts alike.