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The Pink Tub takes first place in PitchFeast Business Pitch Competition

Victoria E. Thomas-Bodie, the creator of The Pink Tub, has emerged as the latest winner of the PitchFeast Business Pitch Competition, earning the coveted first place and a prize of $25,000.

The Pink Tub, a small business dedicated to creating handmade bath and body products, was celebrated for its innovative approach and high-quality offerings.

For Thomas-Bodie, winning the competition means a great deal to her small business, providing a significant boost in funding and recognition.

Kendra Williams, the founder of PitchFeast, expressed her excitement about Thomas-Bodie’s victory and emphasized the positive impact it will have on The Pink Tub’s growth and development.

The PitchFeast competition continues to provide a platform for entrepreneurs like Thomas-Bodie to showcase their ideas, connect with investors, and propel their businesses forward. For more information on PitchFeast and the inspiring stories of its winners, visit the PitchFeast Indy website.