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Warnings to small business owners, tax scammers are active as extension deadline nears

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Every year during tax season, it’s important to remember that tax scammers are lurking…

You’re probably wondering, why are we talking about taxes in August when Tax Day is April 15th? Well, nearly 20 million Americans don’t receive their individual tax returns until October 15th!

To avoid these common phishing scams, here are Courtney Kincaid’s tips for spotting and avoiding these IRS impersonators.

First off, Courtney shared that the IRS actually has a webpage dedicated to sharing the signs of a potential tax scams! If something seems suspicious, you can visit the IRS’ website and review the common scams they’ve identified. This webpage details over 20 common scams, so you’ll surely find answers there.

Secondly, the IRS wants people to remember that they don’t contact via text message or through social channels. They also won’t ask for any personal information over either text or social media.

Another common scam is the phone call scam. A person will call you claiming to be the IRS and demand immediate payment, or else they’ll contact local authorities. Anything that elicits immediate payment is more than likely a scam, regardless of how the message reaches you.

This summer, a new U.S. Mail scam has become extremely popular. This scam seems real, as it comes on what seems to be IRS letterhead and reads that it’s an early tax return. However, analyzing this letter’s wording and punctuation will reveal that something ‘phishy’ is going on. This letter is looking for private information, your Social Security number, and other vital information to completing a scam.

With some of the most common scams identified, you’re probably wondering, “What should I do if I’m targeted?”

As a taxpayer, you have no obligation to report these scams. However, Courtny and the IRS encourage you to report these scams using their website. Your reports help the IRS identify more scams, and provide avoidance information to all Americans.

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