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Ascend Indiana: Revolutionizing Workforce Development in Indiana

In recent years, the state of Indiana has made significant strides in creating a more dynamic and diverse economy, but the challenge of aligning the skills of its workforce with the needs of employers still looms large. That’s where Ascend Indiana comes in – a unique organization that is helping to bridge the gap between education and industry, and transform the way that Hoosiers find jobs and build their careers.

Stephanie Bothun, vice president and co-founder of Ascend Indiana, was recently named the 2023 Presidential Leadership scholar. Launched in 2016, Ascend Indiana is a non-profit organization that aims to develop the state’s talent pipeline by connecting job seekers with high-growth, high-demand career opportunities.

The organization takes a holistic approach to workforce development, partnering with employers, educators, and community organizations to create a talent ecosystem that meets the needs of both workers and businesses. One of Ascend Indiana’s key initiatives is its talent network, which serves as a matchmaking service for job seekers and employers.

For more information about Ascend Indiana, visit their website.

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