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Business Equity for Indy launches free membership program

(WISH Photo)

We had the pleasure of interviewing Jeffrey Harrison, the chair of Business Equity for Indy and the president and CEO of Citizens Energy Group. We discussed an exciting development in the organization’s mission to promote business equity in Indianapolis – the launch of a free membership program. Business Equity for Indy has been at the forefront of advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the local business community, and this new initiative is a significant step toward making these principles accessible to a wider audience. During our conversation, Harrison emphasized the importance of breaking down barriers to entry for minority-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. He shared that this free membership program, available through their website at, will provide valuable resources, networking opportunities, and educational support to help underrepresented groups thrive in the Indianapolis business landscape. It’s a bold move towards creating a more inclusive and prosperous business environment in the city, and Harrison’s passion for this cause was evident throughout our discussion.

Business Equity for Indy’s commitment to fostering economic empowerment and breaking down systemic barriers is commendable. Harrison emphasized that the program is open to all, not just minority-owned businesses, as inclusivity and collaboration are key to driving real change. By offering this free membership, they aim to create a more level playing field and provide essential tools and connections for businesses to succeed. It’s an exciting and timely initiative that reflects the evolving landscape of business in Indianapolis, where diversity and inclusion are becoming increasingly vital for growth and innovation. I encourage all entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals interested in promoting equity to visit the Business Equity for Indy website and explore the opportunities this free membership program has to offer.