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Business Equity & Opportunities celebrates one-year anniversary, unveils inspiring story behind its creation

Welcome to this special edition of “Business Equity & Opportunities.” Whether you are already running a business or aspiring to start one soon, we hope you are celebrating the milestones that mark your entrepreneurial journey.

Today, we commemorate our first year on the air and eagerly launch into our second. Since day one, our primary goal has been to equip you with the tools and resources needed to build and grow a small business. Our own startup story began with a brilliant idea and some brainstorming from our bosses, which we’ll delve into later.

Each week, our dedicated team reverts to the fundamentals of that initial idea. We turn to contributors from diverse backgrounds within our community to share timely stories that others might overlook. Together, we guide you through seven essential topics: getting started, acquiring capital, accounting and bookkeeping, this week in business, running your business, an industry focus, and a success story to inspire you.

Now, let’s dive into the business of business as we celebrate our first year on the air with “Business Equity & Opportunities.”

We find it valuable to share the inspiration behind our own success story thus far. Our boss, DuJuan McCoy, attributes it to a training program he underwent years ago, focusing on buying a TV station. This program, organized by the National Association of Broadcasters, set him on a path to shatter broadcasting barriers and eventually establish Circle-City Broadcasting as a successful Black-owned business.

McCoy, alongside Ty Shea and Jason Hunter, laid the foundation for “Business Equity & Opportunities” and entrusted our team to put it into practice every week. Peggy McClelland, Myke Perry, Alexa Enoch, Kaleb Gillock, John Stephens, and News 8’s Scott Sander work diligently on the television show. Allen Haw transforms our content into an engaging podcast, which you can subscribe to through the “All Indiana Podcast Network.” Meghan Stratton fulfills our promise of delivering weekly updates through our newsletter, available every Tuesday. Divine Triplett delivers insightful articles that captivate and empower our audience.

We are thrilled to have embarked on this journey, and we look forward to continuing to provide valuable insights, stories, and resources to support your entrepreneurial endeavors. Thank you for joining us on this special occasion.