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Crew Carwash is making a big impact on the car wash industry by focusing on team members

For people who love their cars, a trip to the car wash is a weekly staple. Thousands of cars pass through car washes every day in this country; it is a large and growing industry. However, many of these businesses started small. Sally Grant, Executive Vice President for Crew Carwash, gave us insights on what makes this family business work so well.

Crew Carwash is one of the fastest growing car wash businesses in the industry, and Grant’s grandfather started the business in 1948. Grant said it’s important for Crew Carwash to stay true to their founding ideals, which include facilitating a positive customer experience and having exceptional team members. At Crew, they live by their grand promise, which is “clean, fast, and friendly.”

Crew is also in the subscription business with their Unlimited Club program, which speaks to the ease and value that consumers are looking for in today’s economy.

Grant said it’s very important for any business to focus on your team, because if your team is happy they will do an outstanding job and “wow” your customers. Crew focuses on helping team members reach their full potential and keeping them engaged each day.

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