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Don’t Forget to Offer Your Employees a 401k 

2023-11-19 – BE&O A&B

When attracting and retaining employees, offering retirement benefits is crucial for most small businesses. Ty Shea, CFO of Circle City Broadcasting, points out the importance of retirement benefits, including the ever-present 401k. 

More than just providing a 401k plan to your staff, Shea says it is important to find a retirement plan provider with multiple investment options for your employees. More investment options give your staff a greater chance of choosing an investment fund that sets them up for success in retirement. 

Plan security and reporting are just as critical. Shea says the Department of Labor has strict deadlines, and employers want to find a plan administrator that takes reporting and compliance seriously. Employees want safeguards on their retirement investments and need peace of mind that their money is safe.    

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