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Eskenazi Health emphasizes diverse recruitment methods and top tips for retaining talent

Christia Hicks, Chief Human Resources Officer at Eskenazi Health, joined us today to discuss how to attract and keep top employees.

Eskenazi Health hires in a variety of ways including encouraging online applications, utilizing talent sourcers and acquisition specialists, and displaying videos of current employee testimonials.

They also have a Very Important Referral program, where if an employee recruits someone who is hired at Eskenazi, that employee can earn bonuses. Retention is key at Eskenazi, and Hicks said the culture and strong benefits is a key element of that. They offer tuition reimbursement, medical support, pet insurance, and more.

They also offer professional development, and Hicks emphasized the importance of career growth for employees. Eskenazi Health has a strong commitment to recruiting diverse individuals.

To learn more, watch the video above or click here.

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