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Meet the OMWBD Vendor of the Month for August

(WISH Photo)

In this enlightening segment of “Getting Started,” we are thrilled to showcase a prominent guest, Don Briggs, hailing from Briggs Professional Photography. As a Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Don Briggs has etched out a remarkable niche within the realm of photography. With an accomplished presence, he stands as a beacon of inspiration in the industry.

As August unfolds, a dual celebration emerges, marking both the OMWBD Vendor of the Month and Black Business Month. Amidst these festivities, this episode acts as a spotlight, illuminating the extraordinary voyage of Briggs Professional Photography.

Through this episode, listeners are poised to glean invaluable insights into the wealth of experiences and expertise that Don Briggs brings to the field. For those eager to explore their captivating portfolio and impactful contributions, a visit to their website awaits at