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NEXT Studios achieves B Corp status by creating sustainable business practices for a better future

NEXT Studios, led by managing entrepreneur John McDonald, has successfully earned its B Corp status, joining the ranks of companies using business as a force for good. McDonald emphasized the company’s commitment to considering the impact of their actions on people and the planet.

To achieve B Corp certification, NEXT Studios met rigorous criteria in governance, workers’ rights, community involvement, and environmental practices. They stood out for their innovative approach to sustainability, developing technologies that reduced carbon emissions and promoted energy efficiency. Additionally, their active engagement with the local community showcased their dedication to social impact. McDonald hopes their achievement inspires other companies to work towards a sustainable and equitable future.

NEXT Studios’ B Corp certification highlights their dedication to responsible business practices and serves as an inspiration for entrepreneurs seeking to make a positive impact. This company is filled with experienced leaders and entrepreneurs in the innovation community, and they’ve developed a track record of creating innovation wherever they work.

Their innovative approach, focusing on helping teams remove barriers to innovation and generating new ideas played a crucial role in their achievement. Moreover, their active involvement in the local community showcased their commitment to helping other businesses get started. B Corp status is just the beginning of an ongoing commitment to improvement and accountability. Together, businesses can redefine success and create a world where both people and the planet thrive.

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