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How Dr. Elizabeth Ferries-Rowe became a successful leader in women’s health

Chief Obstetrics and Gynecological Dr. Elizabeth Ferries-Rowe from Eskenazi Health is a leader in the field of women’s health.

Her mission is to make quality women’s health services more accessible.

“I work with a fantastic group of people who I think are really dedicated to the mission of Eskenazi, which includes the care of women in all walks of life, including those who are experiencing challenges to receiving medical care. My patients are those people,” she explained.

Dr. Elizabeth Ferries-Rowe became successful in her field by prioritizing what she loves about the job. With any job, there may be tasks that you don’t want to do, but you have to so you can enjoy the parts you do love. That’s where hard work and passion arise.

“Your work and your life are the same things. It’s not like you drop work and come home and do the rest of your life, and have to sort of balance the scales at the end of the day. It’s really more about how you integrate all aspects of your life, which is your family life and work life, your exercise and your hobbies, and whatever it is that helps keep you balanced. If I were to talk to an incoming female physician, I say, find what it is that you love about the job and prioritize that,” she said.