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How to use advertising and communication to reach target customers

Deana Haworth, COO of Hirons, shares insights into the ever-changing world of advertising in today’s “Industry Focus” segment. She says that one of the largest things her clients are facing is just how fractured audiences are, as people can consume content from so many different platforms.

When people drive down the road and see a billboard, or are scrolling on social media, or watching television, they are consuming media on different channels. It’s important for businesses to reach their target customer on multiple platforms to achieve brand familiarity.

She says it’s vital to understand and focus on your business’ target audience and the market you’re seeking to enter. Also, it’s important to figure out how to get in front of the right people on the right screen at the right time, as the advertising industry is consistently changing.

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This information is presented by Deana Haworth.