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Denise Herd, MBA President of ‘Herd Strategies’ talks branding and marketing for Black-owned businesses

(WISH Photo)

Denise Herd, the accomplished President of Herd Strategies and holder of an MBA joined us for a discussion that delved into the critical realm of branding and marketing for black-owned businesses. With a wealth of experience in strategic communication, Denise shared her expertise on how effective branding can empower and elevate black-owned businesses in the competitive market landscape. Her insights underscored the significance of building a strong brand identity that resonates with the target audience, encapsulating the unique values and narratives of these businesses. Through her discussion, Denise Herd emphasized the role of storytelling, authenticity, and cultural relevance in shaping successful branding strategies that not only differentiate Black-owned businesses but also foster meaningful connections with customers.

Denise Herd’s engagement in the conversation illuminated her commitment to equipping Black entrepreneurs with the tools to thrive in the business world. Her expertise in branding and marketing, combined with her understanding of the specific challenges faced by Black-owned businesses, provided listeners with invaluable insights and actionable advice. For those seeking to harness the power of effective branding to propel their enterprises forward, Denise’s company website,, serves as a valuable resource for exploring her company’s services and tapping into her wealth of knowledge in the realm of strategic communication.