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How SBA helps Jesse Camacho with the tools to create a successful business

(WISH Photo)

We are thrilled to have Jesse Camacho, the SBA Great Lakes Regional 8(a) Graduate of the Year and the President & CEO of Camacho Janitorial, as our distinguished guest. Jesse’s remarkable achievements and expertise in the contracting realm make him the perfect guest to follow up on our previous discussion about running your business with certification. During our interview, Jesse will delve into the invaluable lessons he learned while leading Camacho Janitorial, headquartered in Greenfield. As an 8(a) program graduate, he will share his insights on how SBA certification can open doors to contracting opportunities, foster growth, and elevate small businesses to new heights.

To learn more about Jesse Camacho’s journey and the exceptional services offered by Camacho Janitorial, visit their official website at Don’t miss this opportunity to gain inspiration and strategic advice from an industry leader who has successfully navigated the contracting landscape and turned his business into a thriving success. Tune in for this enriching discussion and equip yourself with the tools to propel your business forward in the competitive contracting arena.