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Indy Chamber’s Business Equity for Indy task force releases two tools to help businesses drive equity

Without a diverse workforce, a company does not have diverse perspectives or diverse problem solving strategies, said Stacia Murphy, Director of Equity, Outreach & Strategic Partnerships at Indy Chamber. The Business Equity for Indy Learning and Talent task force recently announced two tools for employers in the Indiana region to drive equity outcomes.

The first is the Impediments to Health Playbook, which includes strategies for helping employees with vaccinations, mental health, maternal and infant health, and healthy food.

The second tool is the BEI Workforce Pilot, which is an intensive, two-year cohort designed to assist companies with adopting evidence-based strategies alongside industry experts that will reduce disparities, drive equity, and support companies’ talent strategies.

For more information, watch the video above. To learn more about Workforce Equity from the Indy Chamber’s BEI Playbook, click here.

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