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Irvington Vinyl and Books Embraces the Weird  

BEO 6-23-24 IF

Irvington Vinyl and Books has become a home for the neat, weird, and local. 

With shelves stacked floor to ceiling with vinyl records, books, and local art, Irvington Vinyl and Books is a unique shop located on the eastside of Indianapolis. The owner of the eclectic shop, Elysia Smith, says she has learned a lot since purchasing the store several years ago. “Its been a long road of learning.” 

Smith, who started her career in the event planning business for the arts community, says she focuses on finding consistency and not getting burnt out. “That’s the hardest part.” Shirking off the urge to chase new trends and stay up to date, Smith wants her store to be unlike any other in Indianapolis. “I want to sell weird, old books.”   

Along with selling hard to find books, Smith is focused on making Irvington Vinyl and Books a creative space for local artists to showcase their work. She says the store has a high consignment ratio, and she wants to make sure local makers feel comfortable having their art in her space.