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June Indiana Economic Update

2024-06-16 – BE&O A&B

The average cost of owning and maintaining a home has increased 26% since 2020.

Jane King, a NASDAQ analyst, says maintenance and upkeep are among the largest factors in the increase. While the national average for maintaining a home is around $18,000/year, that number is only $12,000/year in Indiana. The rise in insurance rates is also a contributing factor.

Thanks to Indiana Fever rookie Caitlyn Clark, WNBA ratings have tripled this season over the last. In addition, the WNBA saw in-person attendance spike to more than 400,000 in May. 

Indiana drugmaker Eli Lilly is close to the FDA’s approval of its Alzheimer’s drug, donanemab. The treatment passed a big milestone earlier this year when an FDA panel signed off on it.     

Rural hospitals in Indiana can take advantage of a free service from Microsoft and Google. The two tech companies offer rural hospitals free and discounted cybersecurity services nationwide. Over the last decade, many rural hospitals have been hit with ransomware attacks and data breaches.