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Local Craftsman Builds Unique Custom Made Cabinets and Guitars


Matthew Osborn creates custom furniture, guitars, and more from his studio inside 201 Studios on the east side of Indianapolis. 

A Herron School of Art and Design graduate, Osborn opened his shop six years ago. From cabinets to sculptures, Osborn Design and Craft specializes in customized furniture jobs and unique designs created by Osborn.   

Osborn says his business has evolved as he has grown his skill set and adjusted his creations to the needs of his clients. He readily admits that designing and crafting furniture is much easier than being a businessman. He’s much more comfortable with a design pad or saw than an accounting ledger.  

The need to balance his creativity with his business sense is made a bit easier by the location of his studio. Osborn says being located inside the historic 201 Studios has helped him grow. “It has been a huge honor and pleasure to be here.” He says the small collection of artisans and creators in the building work together as a community. “We help each other out a lot.” 

After coming close to purchasing one of his own but deciding not to because of cost, Osborn says he has started to create custom guitars. Where he usually uses natural tones and colors for his cabinets and tables, he explores a more colorful pallet when creating his guitars. Using reds, blues, and greens, Osborn is honing his craft and even working on creating new shapes for his electric guitars.  

Osborn’s furniture can be found inside Ash and Elm Cider Company on the near-eastside and he even created a custom wood conference table for the Indiana Pacers corporate offices. As he works to grow his business and showcase his unique brand, Osborn says he will focus on creating more studio work and pieces he crafted from his own designs.