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Lumina Foundation is Helping Build Educated Workforce

BEO 6-23-24 SuSt

The Lumina Foundation wants to reimagine how and where learning is happening.  

The Lumina Foundation’s mission is to prepare people for leadership and success. It achieves this by focusing on helping adult workers navigate the post-secondary educational landscape and attain high-quality credentials. 

Tim Robinson, the General Counsel and Vice President of the Lumina Foundation says the private foundation also provides business counseling and mentoring services to nonprofits. “We have a really strong public/private partnership.” The Lumina Foundation frequently provides grants to nonprofits.

The foundation’s work also includes providing a platform and infrastructure for small businesses to find capital. Robinson says he wants to help small business owners understand their businesses. 

Lumina Foundation uses its resources to prepare the next generation of workers for success. “Our focus is making sure we have an educated workforce,” Robinson says.

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