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Meet Karrah Herring: 2023 Rosa Parks Trailblazer Award recipient

Karrah Herring, the first ever Chief Equity, Inclusion and Opportunity Officer for the state of Indiana, leads a team that focuses on growing statewide access and opportunities to economic development.

She was born and raised in Indiana and service was an important value in her household, as both her parents were pastors. She attended Purdue University for undergraduate and Valparaiso University for law school. She worked at Notre Dame for about ten years in workplace culture and economic impact.

Herring first learned about the role with the State of Indiana in 2020, and the position is designed to look at how Hoosiers are experiencing quality of life. After a competitive process, she was selected to lead and look at how the state is lifting up all populations in Indiana.

Herring was recently awarded the Rosa Parks Trailblazer Award as part of Indiana Minority Business Magazine’s 2023 Champions of Diversity awards. Business, Equity & Opportunities will continue to introduce viewers to additional winners in coming weeks.

To learn more about the Indiana Office of Equity, Inclusion and Opportunity, click here.