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Recapping the INNOPOWER Minority Business Week

INNOPOWER Minority Business Week brings to together a powerful group of community voices focused on driving innovation and growth for minority student, professionals, and businesses.

Emil Ekiyor, founder and CEO of INNOPOWER Indy, had an eclectic group of 150 speakers whose voices made up this year’s INNOPOWER Minority Business Week. Presidential candidate Tim Scott, U.S. Senator Todd Young, and Teresa Lubbers, the President of Sagamore Institute, are just a few of the 150 who took the stage.

The goal of the Minority Business Conference was to embrace the mindset of collaboration and the mindset of accelerating opportunity for those who have been left behind. This starts by breaking down barriers that have prevented involvement.

After three years of COVID and major social justice movements, now is the time for people to come together. Many speakers stressed the point that remaining stagnant won’t produce change. Action is the catalyst for change.

INNOPOWER is continuing to empower marginalized groups year-round through grants and community donations. The hope, to create a trickle-down effect that in turn helps supply diversity in the workplace.

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