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Details on the upcoming Diversity Outreach and Reverse Trade Show coming up on August 31

(WISH Photo)

Holli Harrington, and David Fredricks, joined us to discuss the upcoming Reverse Trade Show scheduled for August 31st. This event, hosted by the Office of Minority and Women Business Development (OMWBD), is considered one of their signature events. Holli Harrington, a prominent figure in the field of diversity outreach, and David Fredricks, an expert in trade show organization, shared their insights and excitement about this upcoming occasion. The Reverse Trade Show serves as a unique platform where diverse suppliers, particularly minority and women-owned businesses, can connect with established companies and government agencies. It’s a dynamic opportunity for these OMWBDs (Office of Minority and Women Business Development) to showcase their products and services to potential clients and partners.

As Holli Harrington emphasized during our conversation, events like the Reverse Trade Show play a pivotal role in advancing diversity and inclusion in the business world. They provide a level playing field for businesses that have traditionally faced challenges in accessing opportunities and contracts. David Fredricks added that the event promises to be well-organized and productive, facilitating meaningful interactions between OMWBDs and potential clients. If you’re interested in participating or attending the Reverse Trade Show on August 31st, you can find more information and register on their Eventbrite page at It’s an occasion not to be missed for anyone passionate about fostering diversity and supporting minority and women-owned businesses.