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Thoughts on how businesses should be more culturally responsible by eliminating barriers based on culture and language

In a recent interview, we had the privilege of sitting down with Nicole Carey, the visionary founder behind Indy Equity Collaborative and Anda Spanish, at her office in Indianapolis. Nicole’s insights shed light on the critical imperative for businesses to embrace cultural responsibility by dismantling barriers rooted in culture and language. Her work and advocacy in this realm are both commendable and inspiring. Nicole is at the forefront of a movement dedicated to fostering inclusivity, diversity, and equal opportunities within the business landscape. Her expertise and passion are not only enlightening but serve as a guide for companies looking to build bridges and create an environment where individuals from all cultural backgrounds can thrive. Listeners interested in exploring these initiatives further can visit the respective websites, Anda Spanish ( and Indy Equity Collaborative (, to learn more about how they can contribute to creating a more culturally responsible and inclusive world.