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Southeast Neighborhood Development Corporation helps connect small businesses to resources

If you’re thinking about creating a business in or around Indianapolis, consider checking out the nearest community development corporation. These corporations are nonprofit community-based organizations that are usually created to revitalize a neighborhood by the people who live there.

Southeast Neighborhood Development corporation, or SEND, was founded on the mission to improve the quality of life for people who live and work in the South East area of Indianapolis. Kelli Mirgeaux is the president of SEND, and said the organization supports small businesses through their economic development program. There are several ways the SEND organization can help businesses, including:

  • Connection to specific resources and help filter down those resources to best fit a business’ needs.
  • Contact with outside help, including a housing program.

Mirgeaux said small businesses are the heart and soul of communities, and it’s great to see small business owners residing and working in the same community as their business. Oftentimes small business owners are more likely to get involved in their community and give back to it, and Mirgeaux said small businesses bring the heart of the community together.

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This information is presented by Kelli Mirgeaux.

This content is made possible by the Indiana Small Business Development Corporation.