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A talk with one of the RALLY Pitch competition winners

Success Story

Theresa Reno-Weber, COO & President of GoodMaps, gained a victory at Rally, the world’s largest cross-sector innovation conference, which marked a pivotal moment in her startup journey.

The conference, which spanned three dynamic days filled with content sessions, investor meetups, cross-sector collaborations, and technology demonstrations, reached its pinnacle with a $5 million pitch competition.

Rally Visionary and Elevate Ventures CEO, Christopher Day, couldn’t contain his excitement, stating that the event had exceeded all expectations.

The global convergence of talent at Rally was unprecedented, bringing together innovators, investors, and ecosystem contributors from diverse sectors.

The startup pitch competition, a highlight of the conference, featured contenders in Ag & Food, HardTech, Healthcare, Software, and SportsTech, all vying for substantial investments.

Among the winners, Theresa’s venture, GoodMaps, stole the spotlight in the Software Studio category, offering navigation using LiDAR imaging and precise camera positioning

Rally’s focus on cross-sector collaboration and the promise of capital infusion left attendees with a transformative perspective on building innovative businesses in today’s fast-paced world.