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Checking in on how the fair is doing this year with Anna Whelchel

(WISH Photo)

Get ready for an engaging conversation as we welcome Anna Whelchel, Chief Marketing Officer of the Indiana State Fair Commission, and Leroy Lewis III, the Director of Community Engagement at the Indiana State Fair. This episode promises to delve into the vibrant world of the Indiana State Fair, exploring its rich history, diverse attractions, and the immense sense of community it fosters. Anna Whelchel’s role as Chief Marketing Officer brings her insights into the fair’s grandeur and cultural significance, while Leroy Lewis III’s position as Director of Community Engagement underscores the fair’s connections to the local populace.

With a shared commitment to showcasing Indiana’s culture, agriculture, and entertainment, Anna Whelchel and Leroy Lewis III are set to provide listeners with a deeper understanding of the Indiana State Fair’s mission and impact. As you eagerly await this insightful episode, mark your calendars and explore the fair’s offerings at By tuning in, you’ll gain firsthand insights into the fair’s diverse events, exhibits, and its role in fostering community spirit, while Anna Whelchel and Leroy Lewis III highlight the fair’s transformative journey as a beloved tradition and a true celebration of Indiana’s heritage.