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Golden Marshindi and Arnold Moto, co-owners of Jet Ski Indy share their story

Today on BEO we sat down with co-owners of Jet Ski Indy, Golden Marshindi and Arnold Moto. They began their business as a passion project with a determination to make their love of jet skiing into a successful business venture. Which I would say has become a reality, being Indiana’s first Jet Ski delivery and rental service with multiple locations across the state. They pride themselves on quality equipment and excellent customer service, which puts them ahead in the jet ski rental market. Although Golden and Arnold have been operating their business for two years, they say that this has not been without challenges. On their blog, they say that there were challenges at times and that they learned two important lessons from these hard times. The first being that they had to adapt to change to be successful and to ultimately continue their business, citing that they had to adapt to setbacks such as changing locations and unforeseen maintenance on their watercraft. They also spoke about the importance of customer feedback and listening to customers to make their services better, and ultimately get a better reputation within their communities. To read more about their story or if you’re interested in renting some of their excellent Jet Skis, please visit their website at