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Wild Birds Named SBA Legacy Business

Wild Birds Named SBA Legacy Business

Seventy years ago, on July 30, 1953, President Dwight Eisenhower’s signature ushered in a transformative era for American small businesses with the enactment of the Small Business Act.

This landmark legislation laid the foundation for the Small Business Administration (SBA), an agency that has been instrumental in supporting and nurturing small enterprises throughout its seven-decade history.

As time has passed, the SBA’s commitment to helping small businesses flourish has remained unwavering, adapting to the changing economic landscape and evolving business needs.

This week, in celebration of its 70th anniversary, the SBA recognized Jim and Nancy Carpenter, the passionate owners of Wild Birds Unlimited, as a shining example of a SBA Legacy business.

Their journey from humble beginnings to remarkable success is a testament to the invaluable role played by the SBA in empowering entrepreneurs.

Early in their entrepreneurial venture, Jim and Nancy Carpenter found themselves navigating the challenges that come with small business ownership.

The SBA became their steadfast ally, providing crucial support and resources that propelled them on the path to prosperity.

Through participation in SBA programs, they gained access to vital funding, guidance, and a network of like-minded individuals who shared their dreams and aspirations.

Jim and Nancy’s story is a reminder of the impact that the SBA has had on countless small business owners across the nation.

Their journey is an inspiring example of what can be achieved when small businesses are given the tools and opportunities they need to thrive.