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Tech training from Eleven Fifty Academy: Affordable courses for businesses or individuals

A trip back to school might be able to give you an edge over the competition. Every business uses the tech industry, so improving your computer software skills may be worth the investment. Businesses or individuals can also get funding from federal or state sources to cover the costs of these tech courses.

Scott Jones, founder of Eleven Fifty Academy, emphasized that a basic working knowledge of tech can help launch great entrepreneurial ideas. He dove into the financial benefits and commitment of tech training in today’s “Accounting and Bookkeeping” segment. And even if business owners have a team executing the tech elements for them, it’s important for owners to understand the components to best lead their team.

With Eleven Fifty Academy, it takes 90 or 180 days of accelerated immersion courses to skill up in tech.

Eleven Fifty Academy is a non-profit focused on teaching software development to the next generation, and specializing in cybersecurity programs.

For more information on Eleven Fifty Academy, watch the video above or click here.