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The business success story of Geyer Fire

This week on Industry Focus, is Geyer Fire, a fire prevention industry and a certified minority and women-owned business.

Emily Geyer, president and co-founder of Geyer Fire shared how they got started and how they are doing as a business in the fire prevention industry.

Geyer Fire began serving Indiana with fire prevention and protection methods in 2011.

A recent struggle for Geyer Fire has been labor shortages. Finding people that are trained in the necessary services has become more complex. They have had to adapt how they find people to do the job.

Another struggle has been getting the materials from suppliers. They have to work closely with suppliers to ensure they receive the necessary materials to provide services to customers.

Geyer Fire has pushed past these struggles to provide a service to Indiana customers and keep everyone safe from fires. They continue to receive many opportunities to provide fire protection. They recieve so many that they have even had to turn some down for capacity reasons.