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A progress report on Mission41K, Indiana’s collaborative effort to inclusively grow the state’s tech workforce by 41,000 Hoosiers by 2030

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We are honored to have Dennis Trinkle, the Executive Vice President for TechPoint, join us as our esteemed guest during “This Week In Business.” Dennis will be providing us with a progress report on Mission41K, a groundbreaking collaborative initiative aimed at fostering inclusive growth in Indiana’s tech workforce. With an ambitious goal of adding 41,000 skilled Hoosiers to the tech sector by 2030, Mission41K has been making waves in the state’s technology landscape. During our recorded interview on July 26th, Dennis will shed light on the strategic efforts, partnerships, and advancements made so far, highlighting the impact this program has had on individuals, companies, and the broader community.

For all tech enthusiasts and aspiring professionals, this is an opportunity not to be missed. Stay updated with the latest developments and learn more about Mission41K by visiting TechPoint’s official website at Dennis Trinkle’s insights will undoubtedly inspire you to be a part of this transformative journey as Indiana takes decisive steps to shape a thriving and diverse tech workforce.