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Big companies making big investments, IU raising tuition, and recession or no recession?

This week in business, Jane King, a marketing analyst, discussed business moves that can help small businesses.

General Motors, has recently made an investment of $620 million dollars in the Fort Wayne assembly plant. This investment is the future of the auto industry, this will help all small businesses in Fort Wayne and Vienna.

Ford is also investing into a plant in Michigan. They will be upping their production there, and will be building around 150,000 vehicles by the end of 2023.

Also this week in business, Indiana University will be raising the cost of tuition. Depending on which campus, tuition will be raising $300 dollars per student.

Local universities over the years, have raised their fees around 7.5%.

As 2023 is reaching its final months, the question of entering a recession is still in the air.

The Federal Reserve has been reported to pause and slow down on interest rate spikes. Tech company interest rates have slowed down as well.

During the month of May, the stock market has been reported to have improved from last year.

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