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Providing networking and resources through Indy Biz Pass

Emil Ekiyor, the Founder & CEO of InnoPower Indy, Inc., along with Robin Lee, Executive Director of Nexus Impact Center, Tamise Cross, Executive Director of P30, and Chelsea Marburger, Executive Director of The Speak Easy, have joined forces to introduce the Indy Biz Pass. This collaborative effort aims to empower local businesses in Indianapolis by providing a comprehensive platform for networking, resources, and support. With InnoPower Indy at the helm, the initiative seeks to foster a vibrant and resilient business ecosystem in the city.

The Indy Biz Pass offers a range of benefits for participating businesses, including access to networking events, educational workshops, mentorship opportunities, and discounts on various services. By bringing together key organizations like Nexus Impact Center, P30, and The Speak Easy, the Indy Biz Pass aims to provide a one-stop solution for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to connect, learn, and grow.

For more information about the Indy Biz Pass and how to get involved, interested individuals can visit the respective websites of InnoPower Indy (, Nexus Impact Center (, P30 (, and The Speak Easy ( This collaborative effort highlights the commitment of these organizations to the success and growth of local businesses in Indianapolis, providing them with the tools and resources needed to thrive in a competitive market.