Biden if elected will form task force to reunite 545 separated immigrant children with family, campaign says

At the second presidential debate, Biden slammed Trump's administration for the actions.

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‘Time to Vote’ campaign encourages companies to offer employees incentives to vote

More than 200 companies have joined the movement in the last two months.

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Supreme Court moves in Pennsylvania and North Carolina set up potential post-election court fight over mail-in ballots

 (CNN) -- The Supreme Court on Wednesday allowed Pennsylvania and North Carolina to count [...]

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Biden, Trump head to Florida for dueling rallies in battleground state

Florida is also clear evidence that Trump's campaign and the Republican National Committee are feeling a cash pinch, reducing planned spending there by $2 million.

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Kavanaugh tweaks voting opinion after Vermont official asks for correction

Kavanaugh was using Vermont as an example of a state exercising its ability to change -- or not change -- election rules and deadlines.

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2 political strategists discuss US crisis in leadership, voting leaders out of office

Both agreed that a crisis of leadership exists in the nation, with politicians not listening to each other.

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Marion County won’t hire more poll workers; officials filling in to help shorten lines

The county clerk and her office's deputy director are both filling in as backup poll workers at the City-County Building.

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