Asked how clean he thinks the Olympics will be next year, Michael Phelps says ‘4 or 5’ out of 10

Asked how clean he thinks the Games will be the 23-time Olympic gold medalist bluntly told CNN Sport's Don Riddell: "Four or five" out of 10.

Olympic organizers reveal plans for scaled-down Tokyo event

Although the length of the 121-day torch relay will not be shortened, the number of staff present and use of official vehicles will be reviewed.

Olympics could be canceled if coronavirus persists next year, says Tokyo 2020 president

The Olympics could be canceled if the Covid-19 pandemic continues into next year, according to the Tokyo 2020 president.

Tokyo has no ‘Plan B’ for another Olympic postponement

The Olympics draw 11,000 athletes and 4,400 Paralympic athletes and large support staffs from 206 national Olympic committees.