Celebrating Pride

Indy Pride festival goes virtual for 2nd year due to pandemic

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indy Pride celebrations are kicking off this week, and, yes, it’s virtual again due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But, organizers said, the event will still be exciting. Atop the fun, it’ll be a safe space for people who aren’t quite comfortable being out just yet.

Indy Pride board president Tanner Alexander said, “There’s a lot of planning and behind-the-scene work that goes into it, and you kind of have to make that call early enough and, at that time, there was absolutely no way that an in-person festival seemed feasible,” said Indy Pride board president Tanner Alexander.

He said the 2020 event was a matter of just getting something together during the pandemic.

This year, they’ve had time to plan and intentionally design the event to meet a broad group of people, “maybe the people who aren’t completely out yet or haven’t fully embraced that part of their lives, and this is a really good way to kind of segue into the queer community,” Alexander said.

The board president also said Indy Pride was intentional in its event selections, which will include talents and more from all pockets of the LGBTQ population. Also, the hosts will all be people of color. He said the community is not just people who look like him because of an effort to spotlight varied voices.

“Systemically, people of color, especially queer and trans people of color, experience more hardships than other individuals in the queer community, and, you’re right, this is certainly an opportunity to amplify those stories in those voices,” he said.

Since the celebrations will play out on screen there’s room for everyone. “This is your opportunity to be there and support but also have fun.”

In addition to the virtual celebration, several bars and restaurants will hold watch parties that are not limited to the LGBTQ community. They’re for allies, advocates or anyone wanting to learn more.